February 14. 2024
Change of server location and installation of SSL of this Web Site were completed.
New URL is


If you access with http:// URL, it is automatically redirected to https:// URL.

From now on, you can access to this Web site as a secure site.

December 29.2022
20 AAC files ware replaced with newly remixed version !!
Go to "Synthesizer Music Download" page !!
February 9 . 2024
"New Tune!!" page is updated !!
New tune Tchikovsky "Piano Concerto No.1 in B Flat Minor" download started.
March 16. 2024
"New Tune!!" page is updated !!
New tune "Le Grand Large"(cover version of Sweet People) download started.
June 15. 2022
"Symphonic Poem Seriese" page is updated !!
New tune "Symphonic Poem No.2 <The Great Planet>"(2020 New Re-recording Version) download started.

May 24. 2024
"New Tune!!" page is updated !!
New tune "Symphnic Poem No.3 <Beyond The Cosmos - epilogue>" download started.
March 24, 2018
Webmaster got a new domain name for this Web site!!
New URL is
Please remember...
"Shine On Brightly"
Procol Harum






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