File Name  Koukyoushi.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps 34.5MB
 Running Time  9:05
This suite is the 2nd part of "Symphnic Poem" .
Originally it was recorded in 2007, now I re-recorded it as a new version in 2022.
It's production theme is "THE ENID STYLE". How near can I approach and create music like my greatest favorite THE ENID ?? Yes, this suite is dedicated to THE ENID.
The musical theme is "The Journey To The Planets".I want to impress you the "Cosmic Image" by dramatic story of this suite.
File Name Daiwakusei.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 34.9MB
Running Time 9:26
Symphonic Poem NO.1 "Light from The Darkness              of My Soul"
Symphonic Poem No.2 "The Great Planet"
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I wrote this suite in 2000 and it is 2022 new recording version.
In about 9 minutes running time, there are many chages of scenery.
Originally, this suite was based on a certain story, but when I release this new version now, I omitte the original story.
This tune is "The Story of The Cosmos"
I hope that you will imagine the story freely of your imagination.
"Symphonic Poem" Series
Welcome to My Cosmo World
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