MEMOTRON is Digital MELLOTRON. This M2D model is keyboard less tabletop module version.
By addition of optional sound ROM, It can provide many of MELLOTORN sounds, strings, flute, brass, choir, or so. And these sound's envelope can be modified, and digital sound prosessor is mounted inside it.
I introduced it for using choir sound machine. It can create many variaty of choir sounds, solo voice, 8 men's choir, 15 men's choir, and female choir. very good !!
My new synthesizer in 2021. SEQUENCIAL revived PROPHET-5 analog polyphonic synthesizer in 2020. Forrowing this, they developed PROPHET-5 Module version(keyboard less) and began to ship it in Februaly 2021. I bought it from the first lot into Japan.
This PROPHET-5 is mounted two types of filter, SSI 2140 filter of original Rev1,Rev2 version, and Curtis CEM 3320 filter of Rev3 version. I like SSI 2140 sound better than CEM 3320 sound ,It feels 1970's old synthesizer sound.
And this PROPHET-5 equips "VINTAGE" nob. This nob controlls inner circuit into unstable, so sound is changed to old good days vantage sound.
I recommend you making sound not only with this PROPHET-5 alone, but also with multi-dimensional chorus like photo above .
 Erica Synths SYNTRX
 In late 2020 Erica Synths in Latvia reproduced EMS AKS as SYNTRX.
I introduced this SYNTRX in my studio in December 2020.
I have not been using original EMS VCS3 or AKS, but I hear that these synthesizers are not suitable for musical use. This time I touched SYNTAX for the first time, I think that "this is not musical instrument !!" but " This is genuine electronic circuit device for making or modifing audio signal". So, SYNTRX is not suitable fou musical use for example, lead synthesizer or melodic approach, but it can create variety of effect sounds.
And SYNTRX has very unique design for every mudule, for example "martix board" in center of the panel. It is very fun that I oparate SYNTRX for making variety of sound, I forget passing of the time !!.
 ROLAND : Rhythm Composer TR-707
 ROLAND Rhythm Composer TR-707 is very very old drum machine.
As ROLAND drum machine, previous model "TR-808" is very popular in music scene now. It has "not PCM" sound source, so there are many fans in the world. It is traded in much premired value in second hand shop.
But this "TR-707" is valueless now, because it has "full PCM" sound source. I cannot find the user of this model except me !!
I have been using this model for a long time because I cannot input my drum pattern data without it. All drum tracks of my music are made by this machine.
I think this machine's drum shot timing and accent are very natural, not mechanical. Is there any automatic quantize mechanism in it ??
But internal drum sound is very old fashoned, so I transfer the MIDI data from TR-707 to Cubase. And this transferred MIDI track controlls drum sound of plug-in software.
It is very lovely old machine, I want to use it all my life.
Drum Machine
Recording Equipments
Sound Modules
Keyboards & Synthesizers
ROLAND Boutique Seriese: TR-09, VP-03
ROLAND Bourique seriese is reconstruction of old analog equipment using cutting-egde digital technology. Original old equipments mapping is here.

TR-09: TR-909 Drum Machine

Nowadays digital modeling technology is amazing!! Few years ago, analog modeling digital synthesizer's sound was not egual to real analog synthesizer. But the sound of this Roland Boutique seriese is like "real analog sound".
This compact size is very useful and not occupy large area in studio.
In my recording, they are very convenient to make quick synthesizer sound.

ROLAND : Fantom-X6 Audio Track Expansion
ROLAND Fantom-X6 is keyboard used for my live performance.
It looks just a small size keyboard with 61 keys, but it's internal specification is very big !! It is a "BIG WORKSTATION" including Synthesizer, Sampling Machine, Digital Recorder, Sequencer, and Computer all in it.
About my Fantom-X, internal memoriy is expanded to 512MB, optional 4 sound cards are mounted, and 1GB memory card is set. Totally full memory size is 2GB.
I usually load the background tracks into the Audio Track in it. And I take a sample of analog synthesizer sounds into the Sampling Machine in it. And I play this in live concert instead of using real analog synthesizers.
So, because of style of using above, this keyboard is manufactured by ROLAND, but my Fantom-X sound is all KORG !! Funny ??

ARP(KORG) : Odyssey Module Rev.1
This is ARP ODYSSEY revived by KORG recently.
I think that this synthesizer is not suitable for lead instrument but for sound effect. I can create variety of sound effect by using it. So between two rival synthesizers, MINI MOOG and ARP ODYSSEY, product concept is quite different each other.
I like panel dsign of rev.1 best because it is RETRO synthesizer.
KORG : Mono/Poly (Upper)
KORG : Polysix (Lower)
My main Synthesizers. YES, they are Analog and Vintage !!
KORG Polysix is No.1 famous analog polyphonic synthsizer made in Japan. The strings and brass sound is so beautiful, that it cannot be compared with any other synthesizers. It is my most favorite synthesizer in the world.
KORG Mono/Poly is analog monophonic lead synthesizer. It mounts 4 VCO, so it's lead sound is very stout and powerful !! It is a match for Mini-Moog.
Both are midified into MIDI compatible.
HP : Windows 10 Desktop PC
Finally, my recording PC environment.
I built this PC recording system in late 2014.
In this HP Desktop PC, Corei7 CPU, 16GB RAM, and 1TB harddisk are mounted.
I installed to this PC, Steinberg Cubase PRO 12 for multitrack recording, Steinberg WaveLab PRO 11 for mastering, and KORG Legacy Collection as software synthsizer.
Now I carry out all of my recording process in completely tapeless and cableless.
HAMMOND XM-1 is digital Hammond Organ module. Reverb effect and Leslie Speaker effect are simulated digitally in it. So,it sounds very real .
It can create my favorite PROCOL HARUM's Organ sound. !!
I like the setting that lowest 4 drawbars are drawn full !!
E-MU : Ultra Proteus (Upper)
AKAI : S-2800 (Middle)
E-MU : ESI-4000 (Lower)
E-MU Ultra Proteus is PCM sound module. It's sound is generated from sampled PCM source, but it was Factry midified into "GOOD SOUND" as musical instrument. And it's sound has great presence in background ensemble, I like it !!
AKAI S-2800 is old sampling machine. I 'm using it only because I have many good old sound libraries.
E-MU ESI-4000 is old sampling machine made in USA. Because of many sound libraries , I still use it too. Especially, big choir sound of ESI-4000 is excellent !!

ROLAND RD-800 is my master MIDI Keyboard in the studio..
I controll every sound modules by this keyboard. It's key touch is very real Piano Action. Very good !!
DOEPFER A-100 is full analog patching modular synthesizer made in Germany.
All modules are indivisual. I can connect every modules by cables freely. Control Voltage and Sound Waves are managed equally in it. So, I can create every waves by patching modules, and put it into another module as control voltage.
Modular synthesizer make me free about sound making,. I think there are lots of sounds programmable by modular synthesizer only.
When I need complexed sound in my music, I use it.
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