This tune is my cover version of "La Grand Large" by Swiss easy listening group "Sweet People".

Sweet People made their debut in 1978 and the single "Et Les Oiseaux Chantaient" made high rank on Billbord Hit Charts.This tune was very unique one, only bird's tweets and electric piano arpeggio behind it.

This "La Grand Large" was on their 2nd album "A Wonderful Day".

I covered this piece imagining landscape of island resort.
 File Name  Tohoku_Hanarete.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  15.2MB
 Running Time  4:01
Sweet People
 "Amapola" is very popular music written by Spanish composer Jose Maria Lacalle in 1924. The Spanish word "Amapola" means poppy flower.
This tune is very standard and covered by verious artists in a long time.
This time I covered the tune into symphonic rock.

I made this tune with hope for only one thing "Peace of The World".
 File Name  Amapola_Hinageshi.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  19.8MB
 Running Time  5:12
Jose Maria Lacalle

*Public Domain
Licensed by JASRAC
Daniel Sentacrz Ensemble
 "Soleado" is Italian popular music released by Daniel Sentacrz Ensemble in 1974.

Daniel Sentacrz Ensemble was formed from Italian progressive rock musicians, and later related to Stephen Schlaks of "Blue Dolphin". The song without words but only chorus "Ah..." was their unique invention
This tune was covered by various artists, but I covered it based on original Daniel Sentacrz Ensemble version..

For me, this tune is one of my roots about music.
 File Name  Soleado_Kanashimi.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  16.39MB
 Running Time  4:17
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