File Name  TukiToMori.m4a
 AAC  44.1KHZ
 512kbps  29.0MB
 Running Time  7:39
Story of The Moon And The Woods
 This is my newly re-recording version in 2020.
I p
resent you with my Christmas Song.
I wrote this piece imaging dreamy scenery of Christmas Eve, and one piece of sadness in it.
This is very old material in 1980's, but I restored it by modern digital mastering technology.
Mery Christmas !!!
 Someday the earth would be ruined, How do we feel ??
Looking at the faraway blue planet from the spaceship exiting from the earth, What do we think ?? Landscapes of home town, memories of happy life with family, these rushes through every hearts. ??
I wrote this piece thinking about it..
 File Name  Sayounara.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  20.0MB
 Running Time  5:07
Goodbye The Planet Earth
 This is my newly re-recording version in 2021. In ancient times, life was born from the sea. And now, the soul of all human beimgs returns to "The Mother Sea".
The repetition of the nature has been reperted like the river of long long time, which tells us, what a grand the nature is, and what a small we are.
I wrote this piece in respect for the life, and the soul.
While many stupid tragidies are repeated in all over the world, I dedicate this piece to all lives on earth
 File Name  Sanka_Inochi.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
512kbps  19.0MB
 Running Time  5:06
Hymn to Life
My Own Composition 3
This is my newly re-recording version in 2021. This piece's theme is "Southern Resort Island"
I expressed the feeling of paradise dreamed in 1970's style.
Please imagine, ....oneday, you go to a long dictance island by one way ticket, without talking about it anyone berore. You live in rum, by seashore, under the sunshine, you are alone but very happy !!.
This piece is dedicated to my favorite organ player, Matthew Fisher of PROCOL HARUM.
File Name Taiyou_Shima.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 13.0MB
Running Time 3:25
Island of The Sun
This is my newly re-recording version in 2021. I wrote this piece imagining a large landscape of strange and exotic country.
Of course, I have not been to the country, but this country is "The Mother Land" of all human beings in the deep of everyone's memory.
This is very nostargic scenery in sepia color, inherited from the past.
I introduced Erica Synth SYNTRX in my recording work for the first time.

File Name Kioku_Nonaka.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 23.4MB
Running Time 6:19
Land of Recollection
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This is my newly re-recording version in 2021. In most of all my music, the theme is "The Nature" or "The Cosmos".But this piece's theme is the city "Paris".
I wrote this piece imaging the lovers closer each other walking in Paris avenue. This is very romantic symphonic rock. It is very rare that I write "Love Song".
Please enjoy romatic journey in Paris !!
File Name PariNamiki.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 29.2MB
Running Time 7:54
Treelined Walkway in Paris
Welcome to My Cosmo World