This tune is my selfcover version of my old composition.
Original tune was wrote in 1990's. But it was very poor work, so I remake the tune this time.
This piece is the expression of the scenery of the rain. The rain falls while the sun is shaining, and a beautiful rainbow appears in the sky.
this is a poetic tune.
 File Name  Ame_To_Niji.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  22.9MB
 Running Time  6:21
 This is my newly re-recorded version in 2020.
I expressed the recollection for the past time, as a symphonic rock.
This piece mainly features Hammond Organ, so you may feel it looks like PROCOL HARUM's "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" .
And I used vintage analog synthesizers for big orchestraion !!
 File Name  Ushinaware.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  21.4MB
 Running Time  5:37
 File Name  UmiKamome.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  20.0MB
 Running Time  5:25
The Sea - Song of Seagulls
 This is my self-covered version in 2021. Newly re-recorded.
went to the sea in summer holiday, and wrote this piece looking at the blue sea.
I expressed the landscapes of the sea in one day, sunrise, noon, and sunset in 3 parts story.
If you would feel the impression of the sea - large and pieceful, I am glad !
 This piece is my second recording using Cubase PC Recording Software.
Previous recording, J.S.Bach "Aria on G-String" was a trial virsion of PC recording. But this piece is first recording made by New PC based recording system replaced from old analog recording environment.
Cubase recording software is marvelous.!! By it's wonderful performance, I can make this piece complately.
I wrote this music expressing "the piece". I show the image of landscape of the darling hill of everyone's home place.
 File Name Tokoshie_Kaze.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  16.7MB
 Running Time  4:25
Winds of Eternity on The Hill
My Own Composition 2
This is my self-covered version in 2020. Newly re-recorded.
There are many "Saparations" in life.
What is the meaning of "Saparation" indicated from the title of this piece??
Plaese interpret it with your imagination

File Name Wakare_Uta.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 20.9MB
Running Time 5:38
Theme of Separation
This Tune "Catfood Rhapsody" is my first challenge to the vocal tune. But I am not good at singing, so I used ROLAND Vocoder VP-03.
I wrote this song in my 20's age.I remake this song using nowadays new technology.
"Catfood Rhapsody" is scenery of cat singing, very comical song.
This new vocal tune indicates new ability of my music

File Name Rhapsody_Tama.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 16.5MB
Running Time 4:20
Catfood Rhapsody
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"Northern Lights" means aurora in north countries. For exanple, please imagine midnight sun in north Europe.
I wrote this piece in my early 20's age. This is my second self-covered version in 2020.
In my youth, I wrote this piece dedicated to my friend lady. She played Chopin "Noctune" by piano for me. It is my beautiful memory.
This piece is expressing "Refegee Of The Soul" and "Endless Desire For Eternal Lights"

File Name North_Hikari.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 22.6MB
Running Time 5:54
Welcome to My Cosmo World