This tune is new altanative version of my original music "Eternity".
It was made in collaboration with Mr.Atsushi Yamada (He was a forth-year friend in the music club at university when I was a freshman)
Mr.Yamada made a background track , I added some synthesizer parts to it, and he remixed whole music.
All processes ware made by PC and DAW through internet enviroment.
As a result, it was made as an unique mixture of ground beat and symphonic rock !!
 File Name  Towa_Ground_Beat.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  20.5MB
 Running Time  5:32
My Own Composition 1
This tune "Sound of The Sea" is my original piece after a long interval. This tune is expressing landscape of large sea, and eternity.
The choir sound is provided by my new plug-in software "Olimpus Choir". And I chose AAC format as file encoding format for the first time.
Please enjoy CD level excellent sound quality!!
File Name Harukanaru.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 19.4MB
Running Time 5:04
File Name Perseus_Star.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 29.0MB
Running Time 7:37
This Tune "Tears of Perseus" is my original "Viennese waltz"
Viennese waltz is very popular for example "The Blue Danube" by Johann Strauss II.
The tune starts with main theme, followed by some unique variations, and back to the main theme again.
I wrote this piece expressing "the journey around the cosmos" and "the final destination place of the journey".This place is "the spiritual home" of human beings.
This is my second self-covered version in 2020.
I wrote this sentimental piece imaging the mantle of night, in my greatly favorite THE ENID style.
In this piece, I wanted to express "The Music Of Soul" halfway between the "Living" and the "Death".
Please enjoy "The Sceney Of Night".
File Name Nocturne.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 17.3MB
Running Time 4:32
This Tune "Birth of the Universe" is my own composition.
I wrote this piece expressing the origin of heaven and earth, and the landscape of creation of the universe.
Through the recording I used many old analog synthesizers, KORG Polysix, KORG Mono/Poly, ARP Odyssay, or so. The recording process is old fashioned "Synthsizer Multitruck Recording" by using DAW software "Cubese" on PC. So, this piece is not "Symphonic Rock" but "Traditional Synthesizer Music".
This tune indicates my new style of music.
File Name Tenchi_Souzou.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 17.4MB
Running Time 4:38
This Tune is my own compasition and first recording in 2016.
This melody is gift from my ancestor, sounded in my dream loudly in New Year's Day!! So I made this arrangements and recording with my heart.
The title "Eternity" is my own image of this tune.
File Name Eien_Towa.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 19.0MB
Running Time 5:47
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This Tune "Wind of North"is my impression of Hokkaido Japan.
I like Hokkaido very much, so I wrote this tune imaging the learge fields and beautiful nature of Hokkaido.
This is my love letter to Hokaido!!
And this is the first time that I used Arp Oddesay Synthesaizer in recording.
my music.

File Name Kitanochi.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 21.8MB
Running Time 5:44
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