This tune is theme music of old cinema "The Wizard of OZ". In the film this song is sung by Judy Garland , playing a heroine of this story Dorothy.
This tune is very popular music everyone known. So, I want to make this music by different way.
I made a imaginary story below.

"Jurney of Cosmos by Starship"

So this music starts by the scene of launching of starship.
I wand you imagine full story freely by your imagination.

.In this tragic world, I wanna give you a piece of dream, please enjoy jouney of cosmos !!
 File Name  Over_The_Rainbow.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  23.2MB
 Running Time  6:16
Harold Arlen
 File Name Reality_La_Boum.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  18.7MB
 Running Time  4:45
Uladimir Cosma
 This tune is Christmas Special from Tomobe !!
This is my cover version of "Reality", very beautiful theme music of French Cinema "La Boum".
Original version is vocal tune sung by Richard Sandaeson. I covered this tune by synthesizer strings sound. I wanted to make this piece very dreaming and fantastic sound for Christmas !!
Have a happy Christmas, everyone !!
 This tune is my second new recording in 2022.
This is my cover version of "La Fete Sauvage Parf 2" of Vangelis.
Vangelis passed away in May 2022. He was a genius synthesizer player and composer. I will be respecting him forever.
This piece "La Fete Sauvage" was composed by Vangelis for the film dorected by French directer Frederic Rossif in 1975.
I made this cover version for the requiem of my favarite Vangelis.
 File Name  La_Fete_Sauvage_Part2.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  31.1MB
 Running time  8:24
* Public Domain
Licensed by JASRAC
 This tune is my new recording in 2022.
I covered famous cinema music "Gone with the Wind - Tara's Theme" into symphonic rock.
I wanted to recreate large orchestration of original sound track by using synthesizers, so I used orchestra score in production process.
It is first time challenge for me.
And most of synthesizers used are real analog synthesizers. (Recently,I don't like digital synthesizers...)
 File Name  Theme_of_Tare.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  16.5MB
 Running time  4:27
Max Steiner
 This is my newly re-recorded version in 2020.
This piece is the theme music of Italian film "MONDO CANDIDO" in 1974. The film was directed by Gualtiero Jacopetti who is very famous by the big hit film "MONDO CANE". "MONDO CANDIDO" was his last direction.
I covered arranged it into symphonic rock intoroducing electric guitar and made it in heavy rock taste. I image the keyword "Eternity" from this music
 File Name  Zankoku_Yako.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  25.4MB
 Running Time  6:50
Riz Ortorani
Harry Warren
Victor Young
Maurice Jarre
Riz Ortolani
 This Tune "Summertime in Venice"is theme music of American film "SUMMER TIME" in 1955.
The cinema is love romance of American office lady and Italian gentleman(not single!!) in summer vacation.The location of the story, landscape of Venice in Italy is very beautiful !!
I covered this tune into symphonic rock, first half with symphonic taste, and second half with rock taste, and ending is big scale climax !!
Please enjoy dear old screen music in newly rock style !!
 File Name  SummerTime.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  21.2MB
 Running Time  5:33
 This Tune "Lala's Theme"is theme music of American film "DOCTOR ZHIVAGO" in 1965.
The cinema is historical & love story in Russia. In the period of Russian Revolution, the fate of life of man and woman, and their family is told in historical and on big scale.
The original soundtrack features the sound of "balalaika"(Russian string musical instrument). From the meaning of the story of the film, "balalaika"is important keyword. So, I produce the sound of balalaika by using synthesither arpeggearor and delay effect module.
 File Name  Lala_Theme.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  18.8MB
 Running Time  5:02
 "Around The World In 80 Days" is American movie in 1956. This piece is the main theme music from the film.
The story is such. The English gentleman Mr. Fogg bets money on "If I can jouney around the world in 80 days??"At last he loses the bet in 1 day later, but through the journey he across the intenational date line, so finally he win the bet at last.
This movie features lots of beautiful scenery all over the world, and it is very joyful entertainment. I like it very much!!
Original SF novel was written by JULES VERNE.
I covered this piece in ROCK MUSIC taste.
Why don't you go to the journey around the world??
 File Name  AroundWorld.m4a
 AAC  44.1khz
 512kbps  13.9MB
 Running Time  3:46
Around The World in 80 Days
Screen Music Cover Version
File Name MoreZankoku.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 21.1MB
Running Time 5:34
This is my newly re-recording version in 2020.
This piece is the theme music of American film "An Affair to Remember" in 1957. The film is love story in the journey of the ship, and meeting again in New York. I love this music, so I covered it into symphonic rock. It is very romantic world !!

File Name Meguriai.m4a
AAC 44.1khz
512kbps 26.1MB
Running Time 6:48
An Affair to Remember
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 This piece "MORE" is the theme from the film "MONDO CANE".
Original Italian film "MONDO CANE" was directed by Gualtiero Jaccopetti in 1962. This documentary film shows many "cruel scanery of human " all over the world. It expresses "the substantial stupidity" of human being.
Against the gritesque picture of the film, this theme music is very beautiful as contrast between light and shadow.
Listening to this music, I always feel the keyword "Eternity".
More (From The Film "Mondo Cane")
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